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Dear Readers

Here's a poem about a bit of water.Some lines about the water's thoughts and emotions.Some thoughts about what could or could not be.But will the water ever be happy as it swirls around?

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Hills 615429 1920

Want to know if a river may have emotions and feelings about the time of day?

Silly, but what if the river loved the cool days?

Because it hated the hot hot sunny, lazy sunshine?

Or because it loved the isolation of cold clear times?

The Water During daylight, The water in the river, Becomes lazy. During night-time, And with the moon, The water comes alive. It flows with purpose, It flows alive and free, It flows for me and thee. When it's cold and wet, The water helps keep its only bet, To get to the sea on time. Before the tide turns, The water must meet salt, And fool the sun again. With the moon on its back, The water is bubbly babbling and fun, It enjoys so much of life on the run. During hot summer days, It sits there in a sullen daze, And wallows about in laziness. During a sunny day, The water waits to play, And yearns the dark cool hours. The water is always here or there, Is never far from friends, Of the dark cool night and end. 21st September 2021

I wrote this poem thinking about our lifelong friend - water.

I thought about a river having emotions and feelings about the time of day.

Silly I know, I think that it loved the cool, dark nights.

And that it could both weep and rejoice on our follies.

And water in the river hated the hot sunny days as it made it feel lazy.

Eventually, the poem describes the water meeting the sea.

It ends with a relaxed river looking forward to the next night.

What if water has memory and the memories of all civilisations and ages.

The Water

during daylight moon --

the water comes alive flows

it flows alive free