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Dear Readers

A glimpse across the universe allows me to see a new world.There is not much there but the atmosphere is blindingly blue.Sound familiar?Wish I was there in the new world?

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Airbus 159588

Anyone wanting to see an early world made entirely of hope?

A low-polygon world full of plains, fields, water and grass?

You may need to consider to a simpler, distant world ready for a new life?

Somewhere across the universe?

We could imagine that the conditions are right for a new world to start breathing.

The new world begins slowly at first and involves the interactions of minute traces of minerals, oxygen and vegetation.

Here we take a fly-by of the new world.

We wonder when its first hills, valleys and oceans will start to hold something more intelligent than the grasses.

It may be the case that this is as far as it goes and that more complex life is not necessary or can't be sustained.

In either case.

We can marvel that the very fact this world is beginning is the miracle of our universe.

We may also like to ponder if life is created "top-down" or "bottom-up".

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A Revealing Distant New World Here are some models of our existence. Bottom-up Tiny minute particles and fields are baked at birth in the universe The particles come together to form structures The particles are still separate but remain "connected" The structures create fields and waves between them The structures start communicating and develop large purpose The entity is free to exist, roam around and look back at itself The entity is born, lives and dies and the particles remain for other uses. Top-Down The universe is full of yet unknown fields The fields provide a blueprint for the smaller elements The elements bind to these fields to give them form The forms are born, live and die and the fields remain. Sideways Tiny minute particles and fields are baked at birth in the universe The particles come together to form strings of infinite length The strings bash into each other to create structures The structures start communicating and collide with other strings The string creations are free to exist, roam around and look back at themselves The strings live together and eventually decay but stay as separate strings for other uses The process repeats. Simulation Everything we know and love is a "computer" simulation Even the simulation is simulated indefinitely The simulation is based on simple and complex rules The simulated entities are born, live and die and the simulation runs on Entities in the simulation create other simulations The simulations then simulate other simulations A root event causes the chain to stop A reset is needed for a slow "reboot" Or freeze forever (non-detectable). Dream We are but dreams of other beings They are dreams of others Information is the king and key holder The universe as a cognitive dissonance with nothingness.

A Revealing Distant New World

here are some models --

bottom-up tiny minute

the particles form

Tonight I Can Trust I see a shining pasture of seabed weeds, With its aquatic kiss to give it sadness, And lighting the miracle of its atoms full of love, Created by veins of bells and clouds. You say, what is the book waiting for me in shade? I tell you it is waiting for autumns of eager love, Where the sea's skin will divulge your thoughts, And develop the mane of her shoreline empty of anger. Your book will slowly respond to world needs, In front of the breathing trees and lonely clean skies, And from your knees to finally love again, For the following final earthly feeling full of wanting. Tonight I can trust, tonight I can rely upon it all, On the forces raging lonely, on the heart on heart silence, Across time and dancing lights to be in your book, Tonight we can watch forever breathe for us again. 5th January 2020