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Dear Readers

Here's a poem about how memories may make us.Some lines about why we have to go forward.Some text saying that we may never know ourselves truly.But will I ever know you as well as myself?

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Does anyone want to know what makes them as they are?

Anyone curious about how they got this far?

Do you need you to think about what makes you the person you have become?

Does it mean anything to have experienced lots of past memories?

Is it important to keep thinking about how you have got here in the present moment?

At every point, we are the sum of our past, or are we the sum of our present thinking about the past?

Must we forever haunt our pasts?

Where would we be Where would we be without memories? Like a poppy or a nail in a timeless sail With the winds of thoughts lost And no record or mark on the world. Where would we be without past? And the dreams of an echoed life trail So we can recall at an instants demand The things that we could and have been. Where would we be without dreams? Like a tree or leaf and the highest cloud An existence of moment forever unfolding And the sameness re-arming our links to it all. Where would we be without others? Like an un-pebbled beach in a storm Or the movement of moment that started it all No others entwining before settled dust... Where would we be without nothing? From the flashes of light to the icy remains Of hunger and laughter and bodily pains Out of nothing and no one we came. 1st September 2014

I wrote this poem after thinking about the past present and future.

I wondered what it would be like to have no memory of the past, say like the animals' sort of do.

What would we be tries to ask the questions about what made me, well, be me?

The poem then goes asks then, what if anything we would be without to make us how we are today.

This is not a poem about experiences but a poem about the meaning of us and in particular with respect to each other.

The take away from this will be the greatest answer of all about peace and happiness and the pursuit of the future whilst ignoring the present.

Our meaning may be imaged or it may be real, it may be that some memories change as we live.

You may want to think about what makes you unique at this point in your life or you may not.

How can you carry the weight of where you would be if it were not from experiences?

Animals may run play, eat and live without the baggage of their past.

It may be worth thinking again about how you can step into the future, how you can choose to be the best version of you.

Where would we be

would we be without --

like a poppy or a nail

with the winds of thoughts