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Dear Readers

Hope you are all are enjoying this time of year.I'm sending this card from some recently discovered islands.I will be able to tell you more about them when I return.It's a fantastic, floating and so cold world!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Vacation 149960

Anyone want to see some majestic floating XMAS Islands?

We think we recently got a glimpse of the preparations for XMAS

We had travelled far north.

We discovered a set of islands in the air surrounded by mountains.

Each island seemed to be performing a simple task.

In the ocean below a fleet of ships were providing supplies for Santa.

This is what we filmed during a single unbelievable day.

All with Santa's permission of course...

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XMAS Islands North Pole Whilst travelling via a huge balloon for fun we were blown off course towards the north pole What we saw was a glimpse of the preparations for XMAS from a set of weird "floating" islands hovering above a very warm shallow ocean There a fleet of ships had gathered, without any crew and seemed to be waiting for something This world is what we filmed during a single day using mobile and drone technology We talked to Santa by phone on 666999 and he permitted us to do fly-bys of all the islands and his land Our notes below describe things we thought were important in pointing out in the video The music we made for the video was created when we had got back from noises we could hear from the cabins and islands. Bear Island The bears are looking after all the cash sent in by Santa's customers They will keep it safe The trouble is that they are now using ATMs and so the cash could be anywhere Whatever; they hold the key to withdrawing all Santa's money and buying more supplies to make the gifts Unfortunately, after a minor misunderstanding, they start to fight each other Mysteriously, some cockatiels are dancing to music on the cash machines. Deer Island Santa's reindeer's are having a rest Mind you they've been resting all year They feed on candy sticks all year round and so have terrific glucose energy to magic the miles away A hot flaming brazier keeps them warm if they are not in their customised log cabin The sleighs having been idle for a year are now to be prepared by the resident carpenter. Gift Island Gifts are arranged by age and packed individual by Santa's helpers The gifts were once protected by medieval lobbing weapons you can see these have fallen into disrepair The cold and isolation of the island are far more than enough to keep the presents safe Everything is packaged inside the huge Tardis-like cabin by Lego snowmen who promised to stand in a line so we could see them A lonely magic fountain has frozen over - it's a cold one today for sure!. Penguin Island The penguins are preparing Santa's final meal before Xmas day, guided by a trainer rescued from the 1890s They are expecting quite a few people but who and how will they get there? There are turkeys and ale on every table all ready for consumption Two magic orange pine trees signal that all is nearly ready; red would mean not You can see a flock of seagulls ready to tuck into the remains The gulls, led by Malcolm the baby one, have been trained not to start pecking before the guests have finished. Santa Island Santa is in a spacesuit as he will leave the earth's atmosphere to deliver far off gift Near to him are 2 medics giving him the all-clear to deliver As you may know, time stops for Santa to be able to do this It is still a mystery how it's done but we have a theory that it involves dark energy. Snowman Island The snowmen are having a game today They are standing still to see which one of them moves first The snowman to do this must enter the brick castle tower where they will travel to a distant garden They will have fun but eventually melt Their water will eventually travel north and become snow again A single green pine represents this ritual that must be performed on XMAS eve A flag denotes that the ceremony has not yet concluded Santa will be watching It is probably Ivan's turn this year. The Cockatiels Three cockatiels are dancing to music on the cash machines on the floating "Bear Island" We had several theories as to why this was: 1 They were keeping an eye on the bear's cash withdrawals 2 They were tired and chose this place to land quite by accident 3 They were hoping for some spare change to buy some more tropical bird see Or it could be, I think, they just came and danced there by habit. The Ships A flotilla of old un-manned mariners ships covers the warm shallow oceans below They have brought supplies from all over the earth to create any imaginable gift and toy Deep within their holds lie the secrets of materialistic creation It is said they sail away from here one by one in darkness after XMAS day We did not stop to check, so we flew our drone to show the scale of this armada This friendly invited invasion to the ship of nations.

XMAS Islands

north pole whilst via --

what we saw was a glimpse

there a fleet of ships

We Are All Islands Are we not islands? Whose fragile shores protect? From the battering sea of familiar, To the moment to moment respect. Do we not guard our high land? Our mountains with heart potion? From the rivers flowing from us, To fill up the ocean. And for what are we hiding? The turmoil of life? From the heartbeat and breathing, That gives us our strife. So we are all islands? And floating up high? To connect with each other To make time go by. 23rd December 2021