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Dear Readers

I received an anonymous video showing a snowy world.I also received a hand-written script that I added to the notes. It's a lovely tale of people helping each other at XMAS!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Anyone want to see what is happening in a far-off world?

Or see people are getting ready for XMAS in their own way?

Where everyone is encouraged to give something they own as a gift?

And why this particular party has to begin at night when everything is at its coldest?

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XMAS World. Ocean fly-in (I). In a far-off world People are getting ready for XMAS in their own way This year they're having a bring n' give sale Where everyone is encouraged to give something they own as a gift This particular party has to begin at night when everything is at its coldest But most are determind to do their best and hopefully they will get warm too! As is usual there is an inordinate amount of waving going on Best of all, no-one seems to be in charge The main church is where most activities will take place This old building seems to have been there for centuries! And as we zoom out into space We can see how small their lot is The people here have never been above ground level So cannot see how cozy and round their world is Let's also enjoy the sound of their XMAS Moog as they laugh and exchange gifts This is their XMAS tune and they have not known any other music. Ocean fly-in (II). So now we will leave them in peace and fly off to another part of the world Somewhere where there is a peaceful holiday village dedicated to resting workers Whee - over the ocean we go yet again And so here we are A holiday village surrounded by reindeer and all ready for resting workers EVERYTHING here is edible and much of it will be eaten during the week From the candy sticks to Santa's hat, it's all munchable and sweet sugar based There are lots of presents too so nobody has to go without I wonder what the animals eat though??? They seem reluctant to go onto the actual town set Perhaps timidity or just down to training They will make a pretty sight for our returning hard XMAS workers Who may dig into the huge marshmallow Santa heads with liquorice hats The tiny iced pool in the middle will allow everyone a change to re-learn the art of skating And perhaps they are allowed a ride on the reindeers??? Whatever happens, people are only allowed 4 nights here and then must leave Only to return here next year after a hard XMAS eve working for Santa I wonder who looks after the animals??? Perhaps they all run off to a feeding place somewhere sheltered. Ocean Fly-out & Goodbye. So we must leave it there this year and we thank people of the XMAS world for showing us a us a glimpse.

XMAS World.

ocean fly-in (i) world --

people are getting ready

this year they're having

Snow World Imagine a world of snow and hope, Of life and love and heart-felt rope, Of being and feeling and seeing each other, As people again and people forever. Snow world, Snow world, How do you capture and harness the heart? Snow world, Snow world, Show us today so we might make a start. 24th December 2023