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Dear Readers

Here's a poem about a trip to the sea.Some verse about my discovery at the raging water's edge.Some words about the blood red hue of the salty water.But did this happen and what did it all mean?

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Anyone want verse to detail a blood-red trip to the sea?

Or a poem for the dying crying ocean?

Do you need to tell yourself that we must take care of our seas and oceans?

Does the sight of a catastophe at the waters edge move you to tears?

Is it important to notice the symbolic death and beauty of our life-enabling waters?

To See the Sea I took a trip to the ocean The sea, I noticed, was red A killing had taken place That changed the way I felt. I fell down to the ground The wet sand now darkened To a deep red ochre scene This place had seen a kind of war. It was never like it was Before the sudden event As time went by, I started to walk Down the sand blown shore. I couldn't see any trace Of the face of death upon The now so righted sands A tired look came from the sea. An awesome wail came screaming from the sea A cry so fearful that I trembled The answer was not far way I would never be the same again. The sea had woken up early That morning it showed the sign It had wanted to show for centuries It was trying to talk to the world. A very brave last mother's task Before we all would see it die Before there was time for it to cry No longer could it hold back its sorrow. I saw the sea retreat into the afternoon sky The sun smiling on the now alone sands The fish were all stranded, the boats on their desert On land I decided to leave I would eat and sleep in a new mood a new way. 18th April 1982

I wrote this poem many years ago when sitting at the typewriter(yes honest!) after reading some new articles.

I thought about going to the sea (quite near anywhere in England) yet again.

This time it would be different I thought - so off I went.

At the water's edge I could see blood everywhere but not from any creature I could see - it was just everywhere.

I couldn't seem to find any trace of what had caused the unnatural scene but I could hear a distant moaning.

I remember I had a silent chat with the ocean and it was not "happy" - I think it wasn't anyway.

In every sense of the word I think it wanted it's mother to come and help it.

After our chat the sea then retreated into the afternoon sunset like and actor leaving the stage.

But it left behind the creatures it was supporting.

This would make me think about the fate and lifecycle of our seas and make it impossible to ignore.

I would go home and think very hard before I came back again without any answers.

To See the Sea

I took a trip sea --

a killing had taken place

that changed the way felt