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Dear Readers

I created these tracks to capture the exciting and risky sport of motorbiking. Recently I went from a novice rider to a full license motorbiker. So go and try it out on a 125 and see where you go!!!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm Bike Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for a biker?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was created for the exciting and risky sport of motorbiking.

Music, samples and beats by Mark in our new 80's piece called 'Bike' made in February/March 2022.

The music is 80's based with typical rhythms, SFX and pads from those days, lots of bass too from our mastering techniques!

A nice ride could be the answer to relaxation and excitement. Don't ride when troubled though...


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  1. 125 Your first legal street bike-a 125 is powerful enough to get you into trouble
  2. ATTGATT All The Gear All The Time even if just popping to the local shop for some smoked kippers
  3. Bikers Nod The legendary nod that all bikes MUST give one another
  4. Bitumen Dreams The dream of moving fast over the long unwinding bitumen roads
  5. Cagers The term given to car drivers as they travel in their "cages"
  6. CBT Compulsary Basic Training a legal requirement here in the U.K.
  7. Chicken Strips The width of the dirt around the rea of your motibike's tread indicates how much you have dared to lean on corners
  8. Cornering The fantasic experience of whizzing safely around the "twisties"
  9. Countersteer A counterintuitive way to turn the bike is opposite to where you want to go initially
  10. Lifesaver The last glance behind you before you change direction
  11. Mods Module 1 and Module 2 are the final tests for access to a full U.K. motorbike licence
  12. Puncture A puncture is inevitable but there are some clever kits to get you on your way again
  13. Road Rash This is what you will get when falling off the bike at speed not wearing protective clothing
  14. Squid A term for a bike with no regard to safety in regards protection or behaviour on the road
  15. Undetectable Pretend that no one can see you on the road and you will go a long way without trouble



attgatt all the gear --

bikers nod the nod that all

bitumen dreams dream

Visual Novel


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