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Dear Readers

I created these tracks in view of the year 2021's progress so far! It makes me feel like music can get us through the hard times as well as good...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm Progress Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for the progress of civilisation?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was specifically created for groove music inspired from Europe especially from Germany.

Music that we now take samples from and work into our new groove piece called 'Progress' made in the ascending month of March 2021.

The music is 20's based with some clapping and synth bass grooves with pads, strings, FX and the works!


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  1. Airborne We are airborne and heading east with hundreds of planes to relieve the city
  2. The Eating We gather in a grand square and begin the 3-day party that is "the eating"
  3. The Gathering At night we gather with music and drinks to celebrate our break from the past
  4. Wide River At the weekends we spend our time on huge boats on a very wide river
  5. Mountain Hide Sometimes we take a bus to the higher parts and into the mountains to hide for a while
  6. Fast Train From north to south we travel to meet each other on a very fast train to save time
  7. Roads of East Sometimes all we can see are the roads flowing east to the capital adn masses of people
  8. Forests We are at a nice place to rest in the middle of the continent where the forests are breathing for us
  9. Accordion Choir In the small hours of the morning as the sun is rising we can hear accordion choirs buzzing around our temples
  10. Late Show It wasn't planned or scheduled but now we are out late at night taking in a late show
  11. Beat the Drums Whilst waling in the square we are offered the chance to beat some drums to test out our in-built rhythm
  12. Glitch in Time It's as though we have been here before or there's a glitch in time thats repeated our experiences
  13. Remembering Silently standing we are remembering all the suffering thus far expended to get us to this point
  14. The Wild We don't have to go far from the city to take in the wilderness and make ourselves feel wild
  15. Plains of Peace Now between our great cities we can rely on the plains of peace to separate and enhance our differences
  16. Continent At the end of the day we are on but one continent and we will live and perish this way
  17. Final End If all goes bad then we will have reached the final end of our threads for this universe and all its progress



the eating we grand --

gathering at night we drinks

wide river at we

Visual Novel


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