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Dear Readers

Here's a poem about Artificial Intelligence.Some verse about its function and future.Some words about us letting it take over and rule.But what will happen to artificial intelligence after a while ???

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Does anyone want the verse by a human or an artificial intelligence generated one?

Or a poem for a current world of man versus machine?

Do you need to start thinking in a different way?

Is it true that artificial intelligence can augment us not replace us?

Must this be evolution and why the universe seems life-free?

Artificial Intelligence Is there nothing more artificial? Than man's artificial intelligence? The bones and skull that contains us, Are hollow crusts with soft boundaries, Where the learned flux doth sit, And sighs about our latest conditioned life, Where it can go to make simple fleshy thoughts, Did he she or it make it an uneasy job? To say that one day we too would be gods, And invent a fake sport for the world, To make us a shifting swirl of forgetfulness, With our blinding fast logical replacement. Did the artificial mind then think back? To our latest and greatest inventions? And plead to us as men and women to stop, The relentless break down and hollow gaps, Of our social bond's sticky toffee glue, In the web we have weaved to tie our hands, That now makes us spread our many wings, Until we show some love and some mathematical life, Against the fighting and fabric of our raging families, Pushing back worldly airs and artificial rules, Perhaps our next cruel conscious-free evolving state, May at some point find our guardian ghosts and cry. Was it with thought and mind in foolish play? We coded up our hopes and paths and dreams? And gave them to the ever-stronger machines, To analyse and please and steal our feelings, Not knowing that the very special fabric, Now of our drifting souls were being cloned, And filtered in all felt threads for logical food, This escaping fleeting time it will be different, As artificial minds input our ledgers and digest, And start to softened our drifting hard lives, Now eating us all just one more time, Replacing tears with a universal hidden happiness. 9th May 2023

I wrote this one morning in a rapid frenzy of typing.

The words just seemed right for the times and my current world.

The poem is fairly optimistic but with undertones of fear and evolutionary connotations.

The recent flurry of artificial intelligence generated art works got me thinking.

Could we really imagine out world made up of conscious-free entities running our lives.

Worse - would these creatures eventually replace us by fair means or fowl?

Just look round you at families sat together glues to their phones.

Laugh out loud at the groups on the new internet continent creating such tools.

Artificial Intelligence

is there nothing more --

than man's artificial bones

are hollow crusts soft