Anyone wanting to see what a simple game engine can render?.

Perhaps a low-polygon world full of animals, buildings, fields and clouds?.

Do you you need to escape to a simpler, virtual animal world?.

To see an abstract of our world pinned to simple concepts with roaming animals?.

We live in a very apparently detailed, world and universe.

Here we create an animal world and view it in “low poly” so we are at the heart of the sparseness of a vast landscape.

There are roaming beasts following and living a simple journey.

We can, sit and watch or join in, moving around with the controls.

We can, if we want, start to spawn elephants.

We can, in fact, spawn so many elephants that the world starts to slow down.

Perhaps the universe is made this way?

Use the controls to move and fly around anyway.


Click or tap on an area to spawn an animal. See hundreds of them roam around!

From Mud to Fire I was without doubt the purest animal, Here then is an absorbent invisible shape, Like a silent beast with its sensual graceful eyes, With neither hope nor love nor legs to run. With wood around my sides again, I visited the sweet droplets of rain and aromatic trees, Within the burnt sleepy happiness of my overcoat, And hope that my candle will raise the world again. Excitement and sadness and the rituals of tiredness, Make me do something now in which to magnify, For the dew of priceless aroma I've attracted again, Where the river has wetted its absent-minded banks. Pulsing deep brown leaves over the moonlight evening, It is a tale of fastest feet as I run from mud to fire, Far from the absorbent rain and love of our lands, To the changeless emotionless aromatic flower of nothingness. 6th January 2020

From Mud to Fire

I was without doubt --

here then is an absorbent

like a silent beast

By Mark Anthony

Low Poly animals cast list

Cat. – considered a lucky animal, this is one of our favourite creatures. The cat is either a house cat or a farm cat, which are pets, or a feral cat, which ranges freely and avoids human contact.
Crocodile. – considered to be sneaky animals probably because of their teeth and grin. They can live to a ripe old age like 140 years.
Elephant. – considered a lucky animal, one of the most fantastic animals on the planet.
Giraffe. – considered in some cultures to represent distinctiveness and individuality as no two Giraffe fur patterns are alike.
Horse. – considered in some cultures as a truly noble animal, domesticated by man around 4000 BC. Horses are able to sleep both standing up and lying down.
Rabbit. – considered a lucky animal, we have had experience with these a long time ago.
Seagull. – considered by some to be pests, we like them because they remind us of happy times by the sea.
Wolf. – considered to be cunning but not as sly as the fox – the arctic ones that can withstand extremes of cold.