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POSOWOCO Correspondent!
To Sender

Dear Readers

Here's a poem about a horse.A horse with no name so I gave it mine.We are on a sandy beach.Helping me gallop through my dreams.

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Spring 155312

Anyone wanting music to ride along a long unending sandy beach?

Or a tune for the speeding along with a companion into life's glorious future and end?

Or when you need to consider how fast and slow you are prepared to go to get your "wants"?

Perhaps on journeys where you need a friend and need to be mentored?

Horse on the Beach It is important to get going when you have a great idea I am yet again riding on my horse on a sandy beach getting faster and faster as we reach the edge of the land I am of course dreaming again, it is near to my birthday, but I am living another life, one of 100 lives This sound enhances my dreamy ride over a sandy beach on a sturdy horse in Autumn Sheringham the horse is doing his best to keep up on the heavy sand.

Horse on the Beach

it is important --

I yet again riding horse

on a sandy beach

Horse with My Name The horse is getting faster, Faster than all men, It's trying to fly beneath me, I'll have to wander then. Whose course we are now set on, I can't remember how, I came to be here this time, So I'll have to start to climb. Up above the sands, Up above the waves, Smiling as I hold on, And see how she behaves. Once more round the bay, Holding as fast she sways, Don't want this to end today, May be the last time now. 2nd July 2019