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Dear Readers

I created these tracks for the rays of insight that hit us from time to time. The music makes me remember to smile when the sun comes out - just like it is now! The vocoder also takes the driving seat to grind out a repetitive lyric.

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm Ray Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for our man Ray?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was created for the wonderful rays of insight we are passed from time to time and at the oddest of moments.

Music, samples and beats by Mark in our new vovcoder piece called 'Ray' made in February/March 2023.

The music is vocoder based with understanding bass and pad patches, lots of clarity from our mastering techniques!

The clouds part and hey presto, another ray of sunshine hits our faces and makes us smile once more!

WHy can't we have this every day? perhaps the answer is to change our relationship with ourselves...


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  1. Check Your ComputerSomething is not working out in your world - check your computer (your brain)
  2. Did You Find Out?After all these years why have you just changed - did you find out?
  3. I Want You Now!Just back after a long boring trip - I want you now here with me!
  4. Radio TimesIt's a sign of our times and space when we still listen and love the radio!
  5. RayRay was a man of few words who loved to canoe on the river - especially during the local duck race!
  6. RegenerateAt no point in your life do you have to change - regenerate!
  7. She Saw MeI was on a school field trip and I saw someone very dear to me and yes - she saw me!
  8. Stop Me Feeling AliveNow and then I have the habit of taking something to stop me from feeling alive
  9. To My KindI found a letter sent to my kind from out of this earth - it told me the secret of living!
  10. What's Wrong?You've been moody and quiet for days now - what's wrong?


Check Your Computer

did you find all these --

I want you now!just back long

radio a sign

Visual Novel


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