Somewhere in a place next to the river Avon, right in the middle of England.

The hills are green and the clouds touch the top of the trees, clearing later for the sun.

The river flows on by with gravity and water as its food, onward towards the sea and then back again by rain and hill.

The mornings and sunsets have come and gone and yet even changes make everything seem the same.

As POSOWOCO I live by the river and enjoy writing, dreaming and thinking, later creating literature, audio and videos for all.

Our posts show all poems, songs, worlds and stories that create artistry from the ordinary.

Of course, all of the music on the site was written by POSOWOCO for the love of it and to accompany our posts and its all featured on our flagship radio POSOWOCO station.

Try some “artistry from the ordinary” and take a break from mainstream entertainment.

Come and go-go with my posts full of Poems, Sounds, Worlds and Correspondence.


Hi, I’m Mark Anthony founder of and

On this site we present continuous entertainment through poems, music and world games/videos, cartoons and fantasy articles.

Each posts contains a main article e.g. poem, sound or world and corresponding notes and thoughts.

Composing music tracks and albums for everyone has always been a passion for me as I continue to write and find new ways of making music.

The site contains some exciting generative music too, combining my love of programming with music.

Videos have been shot using cut-scenes from my unity worlds; cartoons have been generated in Cartoon Animator tool and music/narration added.

All works are published on POSOWOCO as they were written so enjoy so please take all of the POSTS “as is”.

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POSOWOCO runs a radio station that features all the music  on our website.

We have a resident “Uncle Alan” DJ in operation issuing station identity messages and the occasional platitude for fun.



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