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We at POSOWOCO live by the river and enjoy writing, dreaming and thinking, later creating Poems, Sounds, Worlds and Correspondence for all.

POSOWOCO also makes, not takes, timeless photographs.

We are pleased to present our portfolios which show how our poems, songs, worlds and stories can shape a life.

All the music on our site was written by us for the love of music and for accompanying our posts .


Who are we?

POSOWOCO consists of myself Mark Anthony– a poet/writer/musician/programmer and David Brian my brother.

On our site we present continuous entertainment through poems, music and world games/videos, cartoons and fantasy maps.

Our correspondence portfolio collects random articles backed up by poems and music.

Our passion is in the production and maintenance of our portfolio content and the POSOWOCO ‘App’ represented online as this website’s features.

About Our Purpose

  • Provide regular posts across our portfolio to entertain you.

  • Provide a 24/7 radio stream for our work to give you portable music and poems.

  • Introduce novel themes and widgets to give you ideas.

  • Create new tools and usability features to help you enjoy the website  experience.

About Our Content

  • Provide a unique set of poems, correspondence and lo-fi audio/visual spaces.

  • Furnish unique audio experiences.

  • Deliver unique, navigable worlds.

  • Contribute snippets and odd correspondence of observations and experience to life.

About Mark Anthony

My life consists of poems, writing, music, software and flying.

Thoughts and images could be seen on my first basic typewriter.

Something was exciting about seeing the imprinted word appearing, it was fun too and cathartic.

I started by writing on scraps of paper, jumbled ideas and questions that would sometimes answer themselves.

I recognise that writing can sometimes be nothing to do with thinking.

It is a way for the subconscious to get out there, to be away from me so that I can look at it and reflect.

This can be done later on, hours, days or years after the writing’s departure.

Also, composing music tracks and albums has always been a passion for me as I continue to write and find new ways of making music.

This site contains some exciting generative music too, combining my love of programming with music.

All works are published on POSOWOCO as they were written so enjoy so please take all of the POSTS “as is”.

About the other team players – David

David his younger brother, provides some of the photographs. His life consists of photography, videos, video games, music, any other media.

He spends much time making images and capturing all the visual aspects of life and environment where a poem or story sometimes cannot go.

He likes to help Mark base his poems and music on a solid platform of images and animation.

About the other team – admin

There are other members of the POSOWOCO team involved with reviewing, web authoring and maintenance tasks.

Without these tasks, we wouldn’t be able to present anything coherently and on time.

Consequently, we’d fall behind in our dreams and content publication.

Oh and all external credits are given on our acknowledgements page

About Radio POSOWOCO

We also run a radio station that features all the music and poems on our website.  Have a look at too in the Stratford On Avon England area. We have a resident silent DJ in operation. David has had years of DJ experience in the hills of Yorkshire and Derbyshire England.

As played on Radio Garden

Full Credits

by Mark
by Mark/David
by Mark
by Mark
by Mark
by David/Mark
by Mark
by Jacqueline

About the App

Version History

1.0.0.a-2020-126th September 2020.
First Alpha release
1.0.0.a-2020-99October 2020.
Alpha 2020 fixes and updates
1.0.0.a-2021-100January 2021.
Alpha 2021 fixes and updates


Every day is an exciting day for us. We recently launched a Patreon page!

If you aren’t familiar with Patreon, it’s an easy way for those interested in our work to see new exclusive content and updates before anyone else. By contributing as little as $1 per month (or every time we release something), patrons will enable us to dedicate more of our time to creating by helping cover the many costs incurred from our work. As one of our readers, I wanted to share the news with you before promoting more widely. I would absolutely love if you were interested in becoming one of our first patrons and helping us lay the foundation for what I hope to be a great ongoing project.

If you’re not in the position to become our patron, no worries at all! Your support means the world to us and I’d be so happy to hear any feedback (good or bad) you could share in regards to our page.

Thanks so much for your support!