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I sometimes like to think that 100 famous lives can be a light for us. In fact it is the ordinary lives that make up history as this album is dedicated to...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mask 100 Lives Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for 100 lives?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MASK".

This album was created from a selection of instrumentals from our earlier stuff.

The music is a mix of orchestral strings and synthesisers.

The album was created to accompany a book entitled "100 Lives" covering 100 of the greatest lives so far in history.

The tracks reflect thoughts about some of the lives in the book, there are no give away names though!


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  1. Horse with my name I am on a sandy windswept beach and my horse is running and running
  2. Romeo I have feelings of love and attachment and will be a Romeo for a few weeks
  3. Fun in town Tonight I will go into town and have some "fun"
  4. Jam Form my current actions I am now in some kind of Jam I need to get out of
  5. It hurts The more I think of you and I not being together the more it hurts
  6. The pain of dancing I am on polished dance powder laden floor and I am dancing until I can rid my lonely thoughts
  7. Hunt that man We are going out on the streets to hunt that man like a lion
  8. At last At the end of the day I have what I want and at last I can rest
  9. Squeaky clean Try to get me into trouble and I will show you that I am squeaky clean
  10. Lucky man Of all the things that have happened to me so far I can consider myself a very lucky man
  11. Rainy Sunday I am sat indoors looking out of a wet window pain on a rainy Sunday somewhere near the coast
  12. Work Tomorrow is the day that I must jettison my fantasises and go to work
  13. Mist Now you have been removed from my life the mist is clearing I am gradually losing my pain
  14. Plenty I have had plenty of chances to love and live as I wanted and sometimes squandered them
  15. Ave maria At last the beautiful melody haunts my mind as I drift to sleep
  16. The donkey Me and my donkey Susan are plodding along an east coast beach in the sunshine after just having an ice-cream
  17. Mr Bingham The local landlord keeps his steady safe eyes on us as we drink to oblivion
  18. Free It is early in the morning and I am free to choose what I do today
  19. Jungle juice As a refreshment I will have a glass of jungle juice on this hot sunny tropical day
  20. Sat here Just looking at my watch I now realise I have spent far too much time just sat here
  21. An hour The busses come and go and no-one gets off to meet me and I have been sat here for and hour now
  22. Playing games You and I need to know that I am playing games and always have to do so as a form of protection


Horse with my name

romeo I love --

fun in town tonight I go

jam form my current

Visual Novel


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