This up to date Radio gallery showcases adventures into radio production and scheduling.

We created it so you can browse the static content of our non-commercial radio station “Radio POSOWOCO”.

You will find most stuff on the radio that are not part of any album collection.

Have a listen to some jingles from our light-hearted electronic Radio DJ “Charles”.


Some fun favourite talk and jingles used in between our music tracks on the radio.

Lots of the jingles are generated by our TTS package Balabolka using Charles, our posh English announcer.

Have a listen, and remember its all a bit of fun, not one morsel is to be taken seriously!

We thank and love and Certahosting for hosting and streaming the radio.

This is not yet a commercial radio station so its contents are meant for personal enjoyment.

Please enjoy the tunes and jingles, great with Bluetooth headphones on the go or a grotesquely loudspeaker system in the home!


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S SoundCloud Y YouTube P Post ⇩ Download   share