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Dear Readers

Here's a poem about a fearless sea Captain.Some verse about his adventures and downfall.Some words about his perfect journeys.But what will happen to him in the end?

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Does anyone want the verse to give them a view of another's life?

Or a poem for the adventure and rough justice of the high seas?

Do you need to start getting brave about something?

Is it true that there are no great adventures left?

Must this be the way with you now or will you take your chances?

The Captain's Story A proud man the captain was He sailed his ship from day to day He fought to keep the thieves away And was now on his way home to see his love. The white sails full of sea breeze Remind him of the cool wind sliding through the trees Back in his linen village Where the romance had taken root. His holds were full of goods and gifts for all The presents to make him stand so tall With men by his side He could take on the world. Far, far on the horizon crawled the black flag A jolly roger flapped in the wind Someone to take all that was his The riches with all the lives of good men. An hour later the state a little more tense Saw the firing of a warning shot Deep into the distance The captain put the odds on his chance. Bang went the body of a nearby man A fearful business was now in full swing, Steering toward a rock the captain prayed The dark ship followed not seeing the spray. Our captain passed the treachery A dozen men were lost at sea As the pirates' ship sunk heavily into the deep Sea floor has more bodies for its keep. The captain turned and fired a shot at sinking mast The ship steered east to meet the land Docked in port a happy crew danced on the sand The captain went home to see his girl. The story cannot be complete without them But all was not so the young child had left A stunned captain walked over the edge later that day Washed out to sea to the ragged rocks. 21st April 1982

I wrote this after dangling an old PZM microphone out of a window on a rainy windy day in Northern England UK.

When I played the audio back, a picture of a ship and its Captain came rushing to my head.

I then imagined the adventures of the Captain from his rise to his fall and wondered about the people he would influence, enslave and eventually finish.

Not being able to swim, the Captain was perfectly adjusted to fight for his life and possessions and to court the queen's favour.

The Captain loved his life style and he loved cannons, the smell, the noise and the effect they had.

The Captain's Story

a proud man was --

he sailed his ship from day fought

and was now on way