Anyone fancy a house that’s on the level?.

Listen to a tune for moving into your dream home for ever?.

You don’t want to go up down stairs all day long?.

Somewhere near the sea? or in the remote countryside?.

We sometimes have a dream to retire somewhere quiet and forgiving

One place to rest with everything you need and a quiet life.

The daily tick tock of life is allowed to progress in peace and at will.

The bungalow is now that enabler and may bring out a new you…

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The Bungalow Sometimes I know, A place by the fire, Is all I want. In my new bungalow, Nesting near the sea, It has waited for me. When I am there, Wrapped up in it all, Wrapped up by the walls. I can feel peace, I can find sleep, Or perhaps a walk today?. No stairs are there, For me to climb, Which makes me smile. A light garden work, A read of a book, A much lower roof. I now close the door, On my bungalow heaven, Now my softly minder. 5th May 2019


sometimes I know --

a place by the fire is all

in my new nesting

By Mark Anthony

The DX7 is our 1980s instrument of choice - used for the bass lines. The RX5 is a much forgotten drum machine - hear its classic snare and cymbals. The D110 is an advanced 1980's multi-timbral sound box - used for strings and leads. Steinberg Pro24 was our "go-to" Atari music sequencer - used for song arrangement.