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Dear Readers

Here's a poem about a distant holiday.Some lines about being away from you.My thoughts race to what's really happening.But will they prove to be true?

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Does anyone want to know what a "hard" holiday is?

Anyone curious about how to get one or what it could even be?

Do you need you to hear the tale of a country virtually destroyed?

Does everything have to be real on holiday?

Is it important to get away and try to forget everything - and is it reasonable?

Hard Holiday It is so sad that I have come home From places good and powerful And sat on stone to drink cold wine Listen to the music loud. Behind my back the country burned Streaks of light flashed into the sky No sounds though, no sounds All that was there now having lost to me. A sight for no even purpose No sound though, no smell, no taste Just waves crashing on stones Just the air blowing softly, sighing. Just the wine and self I was alone for that night and always My friends and people blown to dust Blown over by the ages. I took another sip of wine And felt remorse and unlimited sadness The club room was now empty And soft lights were faded by the space. I said you could not last You were too harsh and cruel Just a light dancing on the rocks I fell asleep and woke up in an unusual world. 16th October 1981

This poem was written after I took a holiday into deepest Wales, UK.

There was a day on holiday that all hell was let loose from the heavens and I could see the country light up behind the mountains.

I sat on cold stone imagining all back home had gone, you had gone.

With unlimited sadness, I went back to bed only to wake up again with everything alright.

At some near point, you may feel the need to go on a holiday and leave everyone behind.

It may be a magical, mysterious, or for you, lonely experience.

Take the holiday and soak in it, photos are optional, the real thing is important.

This is a poem for documenting a holiday from torn love near some mountains.

We do need holidays to change our perspective on life, perhaps not too much.

So make your plans, tell your family and off you go.

It may be something you will never forget like I didn't.

Hard Holiday

it is so sad stone --

listen to the music loud

behind my back burned