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POSOWOCO Correspondent!
To sender

Dear readers

I met a man who talked about connections and how they might be more important than the things they connect.

HEY!! This got me thinking into writing something for you :-)

Yours sincerely, POSOWOCO


Anyone that like to see particles interact and connect with hidden forces?.

Or want some thoughts on the subject of connections as applied to the world?.

Or like the idea of universal connections?.

And when all was created or happened, we never lost the connections?.

From the moment we are born we have an innate longing to interact with other people.

Imagine being born on a desert island on your own – how could you know about the world?

Anyway, we are sent to school for good reason, that of sharing experiences, conflicts, negotiations etcetera.

We may be there to find a level we are happy with and accept.

What “they” don’t teach you is that people live very different realities according to their needs.

This seems to work well though so keeping ideas via connections apart works.

Scientists aren’t even sure we “see” the same colours, perhaps we don’t hear the same “sounds” .

Our passions may ask us to accept different realities and then perchance we will tolerate more and become more relaxed.

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