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Dear Readers

I met a man who talked about connections and how they might be more important than the things they connect.

HEY!! This got me thinking into writing something for you :-)

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Anyone that like to see particles interact and connect with hidden forces?.

Or want some thoughts on the subject of connections as applied to the world?.

Or like the idea of universal connections?.

Or want to see our solar system fly by in seconds not years?


From the moment we are born we have an innate longing to interact with other people.

Imagine being born on a desert island on your own – how could you know about the world?

IN a country we are sent to school for good reason, that of sharing experiences, conflicts, negotiations etcetera.

We may be there to find a level we are happy with and accept.

What they don’t teach you is that people live very different realities according to their needs.

This seems to work well though so keeping ideas via connections apart works.

Scientists aren’t even sure we “see” the same colours, perhaps we don’t hear the same “sounds” .

Our passions may ask us to accept different realities and then perchance we will tolerate more…

People Influence

Digital Orrery

We are people of the solar system, but the universal pattern of circling a star is not unique to us.

Our evolution has become tied to the planetary connections.

We would be nothing but travelling universal worlds otherwise.

See how our planets move as particles and how interlinked the whole system is.

A mechanical model of the solar system is called an Orrery.

The first Orrery was devised in 1704 by the English clockmakers George Graham and Thomas Tompion.

They lent it to the London instrument maker John Rowley.

John then presented one to his patron, Charles Boyle, 4th Earl of Orrery.

The Secret of the Universe In the smallest tearful ripple, The eager mist is riding in your heart, Among the dull white mind of electricity, In my life at midnight your form and colour change. What fleeting smooth stones we are built on, Our vicinity is filled with them for now, The map for the future is always round, Around the dull smooth granite with its kiss of miracles. This enchanting dance of forever is bold, It cannot and will not be put on hold, Like a slender reflection of itself, Its dancing waves feed us all. The secret of the universe, Is on display for us tonight and forever, The dancing, forking lights, Beating out your greater mighty heart. 28th March 2020


in the smallest mist --

among the dull white mind life

what fleeting smooth stones

By Mark Anthony

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