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Dear readers

Someone was asking the other day, what if the moon would fall into the sea?

It got me thinking about gravity and stuff and the puzzle of attraction!

Yours sincerely, POSOWOCO


Anyone like to see particles interact and fall under gravity?.

Or want some thoughts on the subject of falling as applied to the world?.

Or to see how powerful web animations can be these days?.

Or to contemplate how the small can make the whole?.

Falling things seem to please the eyes.

Here is another reality, that of gravity and its necessity for life, mother and father of all.

There’s probably something much bigger, more connected we have overlooked, but what is it?.

Gravity is a “force” that “pulls” objects down toward the ground, well it used to be, before Einstein.

When objects fall to the ground, gravity causes them to accelerate.

Think about a feather and a hammer falling to the ground in the absence of air.

The accelerometer in your phone can tell if you are falling.

Have a look, listen and read the poem about the moon falling into the sea.

Drops Size

The Moon has Fallen into the Sea

a wider look rains --

the falling snow and the north

shell kissing the sea

By Mark Anthony