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Dear Readers

Here's a poem about bliss.Some lines about being blissed out.Some words about that perfect moment.But will it ever happen to me again?

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Anyone want to know what bliss is?

Anyone curious about how to get it or when it happens?

Do you think finding perfect happiness or bliss sometimes seems impossible?

Can it can come from the smallest things?

Bliss The thing we call bliss That first perfect kiss That lights up our soul And makes us feel whole. The walk on young beach The first flight in air The connection to all The yes switch of life. All worries are gone All happy and fun And making up time In an instant made prime. The finish of song A life to belong A gentle warm stroke To throw off our cloak. A meeting with friends A day without ends An evening of rain A freezing of pain. A time to feel whole With everything more And withering feelings Melt into the floor. A hard soaking ride Then well-deserved pride The joy of a birth And feeling of earth. Anticipate times Book in and feel good To smile at the sun To feel now as one. Bliss this and more But where is its flaw? Its time will soon pass I want more and more. 5th June 2020

I Wrote this poem after a book I had read years ago.

The moment of bliss tied everything I did and thought into the universe.

Suddenly I felt not alone.

I felt connected and with everything - it was Bliss.

The bliss lasted a few days and finally flowed away but I wasn't feeling empty.

At some unexpected place and time and perhaps many times, bliss will hit us in our lives.

At some near point, you may have an epiphany moment and everything in your life will become clearer.

It may perhaps become magical, even for a small period.

Take the bliss soak in it, look back on it and hold on to this earth for more.

This is a poem for documenting the continual singular moments of bliss.

We do need to know that beautiful moments will hit our lives.

It can happen to everyone everywhere, anywhere at any time for no reason and you may be next.

Once you have attained it you would never, ever, ever forget.


the thing we call bliss --

that first perfect kiss that lights

and makes us feel walk