Anyone wanting a simple non-talking day by the sea?.

A tune for the easy whistling life of dunes clouds and sea?.

Do you need a sound for the land where nothing can grow?.

Or perhaps in the dunes by the sea on a warm August afternoon?.

This music accompanies the survival of a group of wondering people.

Fresh from their wet and dark countries they arrive at a mighty desert by accident of aviation.

To get through the experience and survive, they must resort to travel by night and shade by day.

Thus preserving their water and resources for an unending journey.

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by night they must day --

to save the seeping force life

onward towards line

By Mark Anthony

The DX7 is our 1980s instrument of choice - used for the bass lines. The RX5 is a much forgotten drum machine - hear its classic snare and cymbals. The D110 is an advanced 1980's multi-timbral sound box - used for strings and leads. Steinberg Pro24 was our "go-to" Atari music sequencer - used for song arrangement.