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We have packaged a simple tool to provide text to morse code using pure web browser-based technology.

Enter some text to hear what comes out!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Anyone want to hear Morse code from our sentences?.

Can morse be used by anyone to encode the written word?.

Morse code is a method used in telecommunication to encode text characters.

These are standardised sequences of two different signal durations, called dots and dashes or dits and dahs.

Morse code is named from Samuel F B Morse, an inventor of the telegraph.

Morse can be heard throughout our site generated from our poems.

It can also be seen as it appears by clicking on the help icon on the play morse button.

Our music is more relaxing though 😀.


Text-to-morse tool


The Tool

Uses of Morse

  • It is the least sophisticated mode of digital communication.
  • It’s also an international standard and some radio operators still use it, if rarely.
  • Its advantages lie in the fact that you don’t need much bandwidth, fidelity, power or equipment to transmit a coherent signal great distances.
  • If all infrastructure were to go down in a disaster radio people with their continuous-wave radios will still have open lines of communication.
  • No computer is needed – in some cases, not even a radio is needed.
  • If needs be, it can be sent just tapping two wires together with your radio transmitter.
  • It’s an ultimate survivalist low tech “encrypted” communications because most people won’t know what you’re saying except another operator who knows Morse.
  • It has the advantage that it’s just a single tone that you switch on and off, so for the same amount of radio energy it carries farther.
  • It can be distinguished in background noise much more easily than voice signals.
  • It’s still used in aircraft navigation beacons in some places.
  • Blink detectors for the handicapped often use Morse code, allowing someone with no other means of communication to speak through the automated device.
  • Signalling S-O-S either with radio, flashlight or reflecting sunlight with a mirror has saved a lot of people in trouble.
  • A lot of people who don’t know the full Morse code alphabet at least know that letter pattern.
  • Some military special operations groups need to send messages long distances with very little power – morse code works for this.
  • Also, many countries do not have sophisticated technological resources, so they use morse code for their long-range communications.
Hope of Flowers What mysteries does your flower contain? How little you make it preserve the special everything, It remains there in the love-field as in an essential end, On the depths of my thoughts you're now unwinding on. It stills your sombre mind as though it were hail, And as with a similar heart jungle it will excite you, And as a warm midnight bloom it will warm you, With deep orange heat and your perfect desires. Your chancing eye continues for you eternally, Your pockets of silk transformed into more space, And a kiss of a gathered a hope lake by me, So that the flower heads will flutter your chest. We went excited into the sea's blue skin, With real spikes of happiness and rolling thoughts, Honour and forest our rose flower of truthfulness, With our breadth of human webs we begin to dream. 16th January 2020


what mysteries how --

it remains there in the end

on the depths of thoughts

By Mark Anthony

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