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We have packaged a simple tool to provide text to speech using pure web browser-based technology.

Enter some text to hear what comes out!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Anyone heard of text to speech (TTS), the thing that is used by anyone to hear the written word?.

Or that text to speech is the process of converting text to a voice, usually synthetic output?.

When do you want to hear the text or can’t read it?.

Why do we uses TTS in all our posts?, mainly poems?.

Perhaps sometimes we can’t or don’t want to affect the text?.

Text To Speech (TTS) is the process of converting a series of sentences to human speech.

This can be done in a variety of ways, for example, using a cloud service or setting up an expensive service.

We have written a simple tool to provide text to speech using pure web browser-based technology with no service involvement.

Enter some text to hear what comes out!

Our spoken poems are currently generated offline using Balabolka.

Balabolka uses various versions of Microsoft Speech API and allows us to alter a voice rate and pitch.

Spoken TTS can be heard throughout our site generated from our poems.


Text-to-speech tool

Word Gap
Wooded Path Has the wooded park been enriched with my path? A madness and scented cedar architecture, With candles and trails of animosity, Walking towards the laws of yours that wait for me. Amongst the golden dark brain of the leaves, A breeze is not enough to fail me and stop me, From passing through the lack of speech here, A blade of sunlight on tree wet brown strings. Diverting transparent feelings over my divisions What is my earth waiting for in its watery shade? It is waiting for the words of reason, It is waiting for a storied path to you. As if to petrify or light up or die, I carry on through towering poles Getting darker and darker now Until all life becomes cloud when yonder comes. 20th December 2019

Wooded Path

has the wooded park --

a madness and scented trails

walking towards laws

By Mark Anthony