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POSOWOCO Correspondent!
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Dear readers

We have packaged a simple tool to provide sonic oscillators using pure web browser-based technology.

Tweak some controls to hear what comes out!

Yours sincerely, POSOWOCO

Anyone like playing with sound?.

Or to hear a web oscillator tool demonstration of the audio-visual aspect of waves?.

Do you need to make freaky sounds or want to learn about wave forms?.

Is there anywhere that is o.k. to make loud buzzy noises?.

Do oscillators form the basis of so much in the world (atoms vibrating)?.

In this correspondence you can make some noise.

Below are some tools for making wave forms and background noises.

There is also a link to a pure web synthesiser – ouch my ears!!!


Oscillators & Synths

An oscillator is an electronic circuit that produces a periodic, oscillating electronic signal, often a sine wave or a square wave. Modulation is the variation concerning the time of quantities that describe some regular process produced by an external influence. We present a waveform tool here to demonstrate the modulation of oscillators in the audio-frequency band. AM is Amplitude Modulation – involves two oscillators, referred to as the carrier and the modulator, where the modulator controls the carrier’s amplitude. FM is Frequency Modulation – involves two oscillators, referred to as the carrier and the modulator. As the modulator’s waveform oscillates between some minimum and maximum amplitude value, the momentary value modulates the frequency of the carrier.

We also love analogue synthesizers!. These instruments have an immediacy of control and usually, their sound sculpting gives you a feeling of being the master of the noises. The thing is that to know synthesizers, its good to know about oscillators. We also love them because when first invented, they took the musical world to new levels and places, a bit like Artificial Intelligence(AI) is doing on computers for us now. Anyway have a play with the following set of tools to see if you like the sounds. Nothing fancy or musical-scale based, just good old fashioned, machine-produced wave forms and noises!

Oscillator Waveform Tool

ToneJS Noise Tool

The following noises are all generated using the Web Audio API.

Select play to listen to the different noise colours.

We include our binaural noises too.

These noises are generally used for meditation and relaxation.

Standard noise colours

Themed noise for our poems

Binaural noises for relaxation

Read about different noise COLOURS.

Synthi-JS Tool

Synthi-JS, the JavaScript Synthi, is a great place to start learning about synthesizers. You get all the basics – oscillators, filters, modulation – and a technical looking matrix for routing the audio signals. There’s also an oscilloscope for seeing the final waveform as you adjust the knobs.

Load preset 00 – breathing synthesis, or preset 03 sci-fi machine at work!

SYNTHI-JS was created by Alex Nisnevich and can be found HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE

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