Anyone wanting guidance when with peers?, are they exerting pressure in excess?.

Want a tune for the constant monitoring from our elders to give a sense of right and wrong?.

Do you need the monitoring? of course, will you eventually get it though?.

Is it important to learn quickly in our limited time windows and experience boxes before the end game?.

The usual trip to a country pub requires the eyes and sense of Mr Bingham.

He sees people come and go and with just a look of his eyes settles everyone down and draws out their good manners.

We seem to have lost this type of character for now but in time just like always, they come back in a new disguise.

This sound is played as Mr Mr Bingham’s reluctant eyes scan the room for anything amiss.

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Mr Bingham

mr bingham is court --

and settles by his bar hours

so knows the measure

By Mark Anthony

The DX7 is our 1980s instrument of choice - used for the bass lines. The RX5 is a much forgotten drum machine - hear its classic snare and cymbals. The D110 is an advanced 1980's multi-timbral sound box - used for strings and leads. Steinberg Pro24 was our "go-to" Atari music sequencer - used for song arrangement.