Anyone wanting verse to let them gently know that they are not so free in the world?

Or that so many creatures and events have claims on their being and time?.

Or a poem for the realisation, and therefore conquest, of what is and what is not ours to take?.

Do you need to understand our earthly sustainable boundaries and its many outstanding claims?.

Is everywhere that your life bumps into to also your climate’s needs and wants?.

Is it important to know where you stand and to set expectations early in your taking of the earth’s resources?.

The minute the world was born and spawned an environment capable of intelligent life.

There were many claims on it as a person, animal, plant, raindrop, gravity tectonics and all.

The claims come and go and leave their mark, nibbling at its basic currency; time.

Somehow it has to manage all this and it can be utterly draining.

It has a claim on itself after all and what would we do as its guests without it anyway?

This is our life and Gaia’s poem is perhaps a silent cry…



claims on my time climb --

on my heart and claims on art

my money claims mind

By Mark Anthony

Since I was born there have been many claims on myself , my time and my promises.

These claims get more and more the older we get until one day we can see them for what they are.

I think its the case that this is the same with our environment,fellow creatures and philosophies.

Our final claim of course will be one of the the earth or sand where we all must return – this is not bleak but comforting.