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Dear Readers

We present the story of a magic plastic miracle fish.

Learn how it could change your life for pennies!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Anyone one want to know their immediate future and fortune?.

Do you need to find out how someone is feeling or to start a chat?.

Can it be used anywhere there are friends and colleagues e.g school playing field, office part?.

Could it help in generating hopes and expectations and breaks the ice?.

Would you pop it on your assailant’s palm and watch it wriggle and then read off the type of dance?.

Have you a longing use for a cheap plastic hope generator?.

This is a story about a Miracle Fish.

It tells of all the fish’s promises when first used.

It tells how it changed my life forever.

It explains how it did this.

It does not explain how.

Perhaps you could use it in your life?


A fishy story

The Miracle Fish Arrives

The “Miracle fish” came to me via an accidental win at a village fair.

I had won it as a default prize, no big toys or anything, just the fish.

I let it lie without touching it for about 2 weeks.

It lie there in a small badly printed red plastic envelope.

The fish was a red-transparent  piece of plastic shaped like a fish with scales and eyes to match.

My belief in the universe was of a sound physical, rational thing that obeyed blind laws as every atom clicked to its next place in time.

What then could the magic fish hold over this mechanistic view of everything?

I should at least try and find out or I would be betraying my curiosity and hopes.

Miracle Fish Features

  • Perfect party favours.
  • Fun party activity.
  • Measures 6cm.
  • Instructions included on the packet.
  • Your friends and family will all want a chance to find out their fate with this fortune teller fish.
  • The cellophane fish curls into a variety of shapes when placed in the palm of your hand.
  • Check the packet to find out the meaning of each!.
  • I looked at the packet.

Miracle Fish Instructions

Printed neatly on the fish’s body were the following instructions.

  • Place the fish in the palm of the hand.
  • The movements will indicate your fortune.
  • Keep fish in envelope when not in use.

It was time then, at last, to pluck up the courage to use the fish. The family would do first!

Lets see if it can change anyone’s life or view.

How did I know it would change mine?

Plans for the Miracle Fish

The standard procedure then.

  • Think of then find someone to try.
  • Approach them and agree.
  • Get the fish out of envelope without touching.
  • Place in person’s palm.
  • Observe fish movement.
  • Pronounce and agree to a fortune from envelope.
  • Put the fish back in the envelope.

Miracle Fish Meanings

The actual list of descriptions was mind-blowing in itself.

That’s because it had the effect of reducing the whole of humankind into categories much like our horoscope system.

Unlike the horoscopes though, the meanings were fixed and in theory, should not change on the same person.

That is unless their behaviour and/or environment changed.

I scanned through all the descriptions and tried to think of the possible personalities.

It seemed to me that William Shakespeare had a quote for each of the types of fortune the miracle fish predicted.

Or could it be that the fish’s meanings were taken from him?

Below is what we have found for each meaning.


Jealousy is an unforgiving emotion.

It has a scale of operation starting from the “that would be nice if” to the “why can’t I have that/them/it.

The bottom line is that you have to work on yourself to overcome jealousy, for example with supreme confidence it cannot exits.

It matters not what you have accumulated in life so far.


The opposite of a lot of things far from obvious is indifference.
If we don’t care about something then there is no passion either way.
This is important in some subjects like science and events.
It may not be in others like love and poetry.

In Love

Best feeling on the earth for some while it lasts.
A difficult one to handle long term.
Worse if unrequited or shunned.
Even worse if broken by the one side.


We all change our minds from time to time.
But imagine doing it every day, for everyone, all the time.
More work to be done on yourself if this is the case.
The root of the cause may be ambivalence.


Specifically designed for yes/no questions.
These are typically aimed at false hopes.
Sometimes a question is rephrased to get the result.
The other interpretation is that the person holding the fish is false or fake.


It shouldn’t be the case that you’re tired all the time.
Another meaning is that you’re “tired” of a situation.
You need resolution – there maybe cognitive dissonance.
It’s no way to live, trying to resolve the same problems day after day.


My favourite and most frequent result with the Miracle Fish.
Passion is for everything and everyone.
Without it, we are running on empty.
The universe perhaps has a passion for just being…

My summary

Final Thoughts

Not only was the fish a miracle, but it was also cheap, simple and ready to go.

Oh yes portable, reusable and once word got around, all friends and now strangers wanted to have a go.

This behaviour had the effect of increasing my reach and connections.

How could a bit of plastic change my life in a very subtle way?.

I think the change will still be there forever.

It’s the belief in something else than the texts have been teaching.

It’s more about things just being and us acting on feelings and thoughts in a beneficial and earned way.

I hope you will try the miracle fish soon!

Universal Life How convalescent are freshness and its spirits? Stilled by your regard as though it was a wilderness, Like the gleaming fused thoughts of madness, Coming with me too from the bridge of forever. As thigh and eyelids and breath wait, A rustling thought fighting the height, Bringing all the numbered branches, As a salute flowing in the meandering morning. So the magical wonder lives on in a berry or tree, The mineral houses of the eddy and river wake, Its secure contents that are starry and early, The unguessed silk love of lasting life. Be guided by the soft splendour's lake, And the hooves of an enjoyable exposed life force, Delicate as a lofty preying silent bird, With a reflection of reddened nocturnal autumn. I saw how universal routes are flattered, By the sensible enjoyable patterns of time, And you transformed me into the tiredness, And enchanted me by an attracting breathing song. 3rd January 2020


how convalescent --

stilled by your regard as though

like the gleaming thoughts

By Mark Anthony

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