Anyone wanting an atmosphere or flow to drift along to the sea to? or a tune for the aftermath of a flood?

Not for the damage, the celebration of life and companionship formed by helping each other?

Do you need to consider what an emergency can lead to in each context?

Is it important to bond after any destructive activities so that your future can be more secure and relied upon?

After a rather uneventful week, the rains poured onto the dry ground for days.

After this came the well-earned, full-bodied flood.

Friends and enemies were made during this time, it was predictable though.

It lasted for a few days and then the clean-up and dancing began; this was going to be a party like no other.

It was to celebrate the last few days of a village resting by the river in recovery.

This sound follows the mood after a village flood is finally over.


The Flood

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The Flood A rather uneventful week, Where the rains poured onto dry ground, For days and days, an age, it seemed. After this, a full-bodied flood, It lasted for a few days good, And then the clean-up and dance began. This was going to be a party like no other, And we celebrate the last few days, As a village now at rest by its river. Special days, longer days dance it all away, We are here to come and last another day today, Later though ball and all will fade so fast. 2nd June 2019


a rather week rains --

for days and days an age seemed

after this a flood

By Mark Anthony

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